Prompt Retablissement a Marc-Andre Cote

posted by Angels 3 months ago

J'aimerais souhaité Prompt Retablissement a Marc-André Coté.

Yesterday in a Game Phillies vs Bullets , Marc-André was pitching and a liner went directly to him and hit the head. He was bring by Ambulance to the Hospital.

Just Want to say Get well soon. And hope to see you back on the mount in 2021.

Looking to Join (Pt 2)

posted by bretthigg 3 months ago

Wanted to add onto my message earlier, my email is

Looking to Join

posted by bretthigg 3 months ago

Looking to join a team either for the end of this season, or for the 2021 season. I moved to Montreal from Texas earlier this year and now that I'm settled in I am looking for a team. I'm 29, played all positions in high school, pitched in college and a year pro. Even if I can get some time to play catch it would be appreciated. If someone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.



posted by Mariners 4 months ago

I would like to apologize to members of the Pirates of the BWISL A Division, player/manager Ken Wronski and player/coach Ryan Irwin and the rest of the team for comments mentioned by myself after the game on 9-16-20 in Verdun. Those comments should have been mentioned in their presence(Ken and Ryan) which was not the case and i made a mistake criticizing some baseball situations / strategies in front of the team. A person of my experience should have a better control of his emotions. The Pirates form a nice organization and the credit goes 1st of all to their manager Ken but also to the other individuals on the team.

Sylvain Lamonde

Looking to join for 2021

posted by Jerome 4 months ago

Looking to play ball in 2021. New to BWISL and not to sure about recruiting/sign up process. Can anyone tell me how to go about it? Thanks,


Games At Trudeau Field time Change starting August 31st

posted by Angels 4 months ago

Every Games that will be played at trudeau during the week starting August 31st will start at 7:30 pm game time. And that until the season are done.

Lefty pitcher need a team!

posted by franckyxz 5 months ago

Hi, I'm a lefty pitcher. I played over 15 years baseball and softball. I played as a pitcher for the chicago cubs for C level. I also played for the Miami for Ron piché for BB level. I can play outfielder or first base also! If u interested, u can contact me 514-559-5713! Thanks!

Free player

posted by pulkit219 5 months ago

Hello, I’d rate my level between beginner and intermediate since I played with CMSS last year, currently plays fast pitch softball. I've been practicing with Concordia Stingers elite baseball team up until march 2020 until this pandemic happened.

I practiced long tosses this whole quarantine and improved on it, range is now between 180-240 feet, probably. I am in my mid 20's, athletic body type who can run really fast so I mostly play OF but also played SS,3B. I am available as free player, try me out and we will go from there, I am sure I won’t disappoint you. I don’t argue much and a good listener. 514-998-0027

Game at Therrien Sunday's

posted by Angels 6 months ago

Hi everyone,

All games at therrien from now to the end of the season will start at :

4:30 pm instead of 4 pm 7:30 pm instead of 7 pm


Looking to play ball but need a team

posted by Lip261090 6 months ago

Hello Everyone,

My name is Steven and I play baseball with the Reds in BB but since Covid some things have changed. I am looking to join a team this year even though the season has started. I am 30 years old and can play anywhere. However, I do prefer the infield and can even pitch as well.

Let me know if your team is looking for anyone as I'm looking to have fun and play some ball. Reach me please by email at

Thank you

Season 2020 GAMES at TRUDEAU park

posted by Angels 6 months ago

Hi Everyone

Games at trudeau during the Week from monday to Friday.

Game Start at 8:30 pm not 8pm like the scheduled you received was telling


Spares List

posted by Michael 6 months ago

Howard follow this link and send in your application I will get you on the Spares List


posted by HowardZinman 7 months ago

Hi guys. I’m not sure if my city is going to allow ball this season.

Can I get on Sub list if you guys are going to play ?

I’m 48, been playing for over 40 years, power hitter , third base .


Howard Zinman