HOW OLD DO I HAVE TO BE? - You have to have turned 18 before you can play in The League.

HOW OLD IS TOO OLD? - You are never too old, you're only as old as you feel!! You may compete at this level for as long as you feel competitive. We have a few Grandfathers playing in the league and they're as competitive as ever!...but like most players, they keep themselves in good shape and because it's hardball, the competition is naturally more intense than what you would find in a softball league, etc.

WHEN DO WE PLAY? - We play daily from early May through mid-September. After the regular season ends, playoffs begin. There are different game times on Weekends: 10 AM, 1 PM, 4pm and 7:30PM. Weeknight games begin at 7:30 PM. While we do not schedule doubleheaders in The League, however there may be a need depending on the weather, etc.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? - The league fees are determined each year on a per team basis. Currently, the fees per player range between $225 on up per player for the season, depending on sponsorship money, roster size, etc. This covers everything from bats, baseballs, field donations and fees to umpires, Baseball Quebec federation fees, trophies, insurance coverage and much more. Player fees can increase based on your team's need for uniforms and equipment but please know that we work hard to keep fees down.

WHAT DO THE UNIFORMS LOOK LIKE? - Depends on the team! Some teams wear simple three-button t-shirt jerseys and some wear official MLB jerseys. This question is left up to the teams, but all of our players are in uniform while on the field, and look like professional baseball players. Some players have been known to be solicited for autographs! We do stress that all teams look the part and while an official Orioles uniform would be nice, it's also great to see our local teams carving our their own identities.

WHAT DO I NEED TO PLAY? - All you need is a glove, a pair of spikes, a good attitude, and the desire to play the great game of baseball. Metal spikes are allowed, but you do not have to wear them. Most teams carry a few "team bats" but most players choose to pick up their own. Catching gear and helmets are usually provided by the teams. If you already have your own gear, then you are ready to play now!

HOW FAST IS THE PITCHING? - Frankly, the most effective pitchers in any of our divisons are the guys throwing strikes, changing speeds and keeping batters off balance...just like when you played back in the 'day!

HOW COMPETITIVE IS THE LEAGUE? - Most players have some baseball experience, ranging from little league to a stint at the professional level. You can bet your Mickey Mantle rookie card that every team will be trying to win, but enjoying the game of baseball is our number one goal. As far as the league is concerned, we are always looking at ways to keep the competition as balanced as possible as it's always more fun to play in a one-run nail-biter than some blowout!

WHAT POSITIONS ARE MOST IN DEMAND? - All positions are in demand. Good pitchers are like gold in the league (one definition of a good pitcher: more strikes than balls) and have the highest demand. Catchers probably come next, especially when those rain-induced double headers roll around. So what if you are not the latest Battery anchor? No big deal as guys in decent shape that can play a little ball usually find a roster spot if they have a good attitude.

HOW DO I GET ON A TEAM? - First off, signup online so that we have your name and e-mail address on file. Each year any number of teams will need ballplayers and we really work hard to get every interested player a shot to play. If interest dictates, we've even been known to hold an open workout or two for interested guys. Don't worry, the workouts just give the team managers a chance to look everyone over and try to match your skills with their needs as well as give you a chance to meet some of the guys and decide if this is for you. During the actual season, I encourage players to visit the ball field during a game and check out the action. If you like what you see and think you will fit in, make contact with the managers present as they usually know who needs what.

WHERE DO YOU PLAY? - We use mostly municipal fields around the Island of Montreal. Click here or on the Directions menu on this site to see the range of fields we use and we are always on the lookout for new fields. We pride ourselves on the money we donate to local charities and to Minor baseball in exchange for use of their fields, so let us know if you have any ideas.

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