Spare Players

We have a list of non-roster spare players that are eligible to used by any team requiring a player.. Non-roster players can not pitch and are not eligible for the playoffs.. If you are interested in a player please contact Ohmarr Morris for the players email address and/or phone number!

Name Position Experiance
Josh Krasner OF Played as a kid from ~6 - 14, took a break until I was 18, been playing softball since. Skills are definitely rusty but I'm looking forward to shaking the rust off!. Josh is in the 18-25 year age range.
David Schulman OFHe is 23 good arm from the outfield
Raymond Legault UtilityI am 39 . I played baseball when I was much younger (11 to 14), then came back for a year in my early 30's and played in the Montreal league but only for a year. I would definitely need a refresher. I am athletic and competitive as I am a martial artist.
Ramiro PerezInfieldI just to play in a Mexican League a few years ago.`