Free Agents

We have a list of free agent players that are available to any team. If youi are interested in any of these players please contact your divisional GM the contact information will be supplied.

Name Position Age OtherClaimed
David Schulman
Raymond Legault Utility39 I played baseball when I was much younger (11 to 14), then came back for a year in my early 30's and played in the Montreal league but only for a year. I would definitely need a refresher. I am athletic and competitive as I am a martial artist.
Ramiro Perez InfieldI just to play in a Mexican League a few years ago.
Varinder Sidhu Pitcher26-34 years have played Baseball in Tennessee State University for Intramural competition, it went great. Recently I have played Softball few tournaments in McGill University for recreational purpose..
Jamil Machtoub Infield26-34 years
Vincent BoudreaultOFLast season was in 2017 in division B. I played for 5 years in A division for Lakeshore .Yes
Gabriel AlexanderOF18-25 years Bantam through Midget, 3 years senior A

Dennis BolandOF26-34 years I have not played hard ball since I was 18! But highly interested!
Matthew SeneshenOF26-34 years Monash University Team - Melbourne Winter League 4s (2017). St Kilda Saints - Melbourne Summer League 4s (2018 Champions)
Jeff DonnanUtility35+I'm interested in playing baseball this summer.
Peter ChalatsisOF35+