Free Agents

We have a list of free agent players that are available to any team. If youi are interested in any of these players please contact your divisional GM the contact information will be supplied.

Name Position Age OtherClaimedDivision
Paul LebelOF26Hi, I'm a 26 year-old outfielder looking for a Conference B team to play games with in 2021, either as starter or spare. I played 6 games as a spare with the MTL Red Sox in the Classic 35+ Conference in 2020 (see my stats here []).I did well in 35+ conference and I'm now looking to play in a slightly higher level of baseball.
I'm a contact and gap hitter, I play pretty well in the outfield and can bring speed on the basepaths.
Jason LurieInfield35+He played minor baseball in NDG as a kid and teenager, then played a couple of years of senior/adult ball in Montreal in his early 20's, and then played senior ball in BC in the late 90's for 3 years, when living out there.

His last time on the field was about 10 years ago, while going back to University, I went to training camp and tried out for the Concordia men's baseball team. he made the team, but not as a starter. owever, I turned down the opportunity realizing the time commitment would have been too great being a full time student

Eric Sequin1B/2B29Contact hitter. Youth rep baseball experience. Looking to play some ball this summer, sign-up info is appreciated. thanks in advance.
Pulkit BansalOutfielder


I'd rate my level between beginner and intermediate since I played softball with CMSS last year, currently plays fast pitch softball. I've been practicing with Concordia Stingers elite baseball team up until march 2020 until this pandemic happened.

Bryan Mestel
Infielder26-34He played in the League in 2016 for the Dorval Blue Jays, you can seach for his stats in the website.B
Brett HigginbothamPitcher29Looking to join a team either for the end of this season, or for the 2021 season. I moved to Montreal from Texas earlier this year and now that I'm settled in I am looking for a team. I'm 29, played all positions in high school, pitched in college and a year pro. Even if I can get some time to play catch it would be appreciated. If someone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.
No longer availableBB/A
Armando Collante
Catcher35+I played in my country until University level fast ball around 90 miles Here in Quebec I played with a senior baseball league but the last years I use to play softball. I would like to comeback to play baseball again. I am still in good shape and at my 50 years old, I hit and run very well.Red Sox36+
PulkitUtility25I'd rate my level between beginner and intermediate since I played with CMSS last year, currently plays fast pitch softball. I've been practicing with Concordia Stingers elite baseball team up until march 2020 until this pandemic happened.
I practiced long tosses this whole quarantine and improved on it, range is now between 180-240 feet, probably. I am in my mid 20's, athletic body type who can run really fast so I mostly play OF but also played SS,3B. I am available as free player, try me out and we will go from there, I am sure I won't disappoint you. I don't argue much and a good listener.
WilliamCatcher26Hey, 26 year old athlete ! Played baseball for 12 years growing up including Allstar teams. Gave up baseball to pursue hockey. I have recently fell back in love with baseball and desperately want to play this summer and not softball ! B
Nathan Eric LongtinPitcher26-34Player is very shy I have no other information to postB
Samir DahabPitcher???Played in the B Division for the Dbacks looking for a team in either the BB or the A Division. Can play infielder and make athletic throw from 3rd and short. But pitching is what I really want to do.

Zack S Pitcher26-34Previously played in our'B' League 35+/b
Galen BrownInfielder26-34Played from 8-15 years old, but not since.B
Ruben SalvadorOutfielder35+Player is very shy I have no other information other than he has friends in the league 35+
Joel BeaudoinCatcher26-34J'ai pas jouer depuis mes 16-17ans. Je frappe des balles de temps en temps. j'aimerais ben trouver une équipe. Jvais rusher un peu au début. Ca va revenir vite. Jai pas eu la chance de jouer haut calibre appart moustique BB par manque de support, mais jetais un bon catcheur, jai une coupe de médaille :p je penses pouvoir jouer n'importe quelle position.

I haven't played since I was 16-17. I hit bullets once in a while. I'd like to find a team. Jvais rushes a little at first. It's going to come back soon. I did not have the chance to play high caliber mosquito BB for lack of support, but threw a good wrestler, I have a medal cup :p I think I can play any position.I was referred by the former manager of the rays of Chateauguay where I live.
Samuel GernetOutfielder26-34I've played one season with the west island midget A team, playing as an outfielder. I've always loved the game and played between friends. I'm an athletic player who plays multiple sports (soccer, hockey, tennis).B
Michael EdwardsInfielder26-34He played for 3 years when I was 10 - 12 years old. I mainly play left field, 2nd base and pitcher. B
Thomas GuillemetteOutfielder18-25 I played a lot of position so I'm versatile (third baseman, catcher, pitcher, outfield). Smart player on the game, I am a good leader in a team. Contact hitter. In good athletic shape. I played at AA level and in the United States a few years ago.

Aaron MurrayInfielder26-34 Played minor ball.growing up, Canada Summer Games expérience. Played men's ball while at university in Ontario. Its been 4 years since I last Played but ready to jump back in.

Grew up playing infield, moved to outfield in university
Red Sox

Olivier Granger-FafardCatcher18-25 I am 24 now and I played from atome to junior. Mostly in B teams and I would like to get back on the field. I love playing catcher but I'm open to any spot.

Léon BinerOutfielder18-25I played ball for a while, when I was around 8 to 16 years old. I'm now 18 and really miss this sport. I was pretty good, my last team was midget A. I could play anywhere except catcher, I could pitch pretty well, but I was mainly center field. As for the offensive, I didn't hit digners, but I got on base more often than not because I could hit the ball and ran really fast. B
Andrew VocePitcher26-34 Previous Hardball Experiance: Bantam AA
Midget AA x 3 years lac st louis cardinals

Played in the B division last few season with the Rockies
Ryan QuanzOutfielder18-25 Played rep ball as a kid, dropped off as I got older. Went to the cages last week and could hit alright off of the 70 mph machine. Not going to be an all-star, but will work hard! BB
Kristian SolarikOutfielder35+I've been playing in BWISL since 2015.
2015-2020 Rays 35+ division
2020 MTL Red Sox 35+ division

I play outfield and Infield. I've been training to become a relief pitcher, my stuff is finally coming together. I could play catcher as well. I bring experience, a good attitude and leadership. I'm looking to join a team in the 35+. I'm exploring my options and looking for the right fit. I'm very opened.
Jonathan Fernandez Outfielder35+ Looking to play infield/outfield for a recreational hardball team. Played baseball young. Play the occasional softball league. 35+
Primo Capriolo-MorrisPitcher/Inf26-34 Played competitive baseball as a pitcher and first baseman until I was 18. Been playing softball for the last 9 years B
Brad RoiInfielder35+

Played in the MMLB in Mississauga, Ontario for a few years. Can pitch, infield outfield. Have been playing softball for the last couple years. Working in Pointe Claire this summer so looking for some exercise No longer available35+
Dennis BolandInfielder35+ I recently just started playing again, I played in my junior years , I play 2nd base) 35+