Reopening Plan COVID-19 Rules and member expectations

Waiver & special rules

•Sanctions for violations of the following safety guidelines are entirely up to the umpire's and league's discretion. The league will take swift action against any alleged offenders.

•Social distancing for anything other than game play (including verbal/physical disputes)

•Sanctions could include consequences, player, manager or team suspension or fine.

•This applies to all rules included outlined in this document.

•No player is permitted to play without signing the waiver with a witness

The following links will take you to a waiver form :


•Each team will be provided with 25 copies. If you need more, please ensure to print them on your own.

•Only one waiver per player. Please arrange to return the waiver to your division GM asap.

•Dugouts and benches are not to be used except by the 3 players due up to bat that inning. Players must hang their belongings along the outside of the first and third base fences . Keep a 2m distance when at all possible.

End of game: There will be no handshakes, high fives or any type of contact when the game ends. This will apply to ALL players and umpires.

Post game: After the games are completed players will be expected to pack up promptly and leave the park. No gatherings at the park or in the parking lot will be allowed.

•Playing rules are all the same. Balls and strikes will be called from behind the mound.

No Equipment Sharing whatsoever

•Batting helmets, Catcher's gear, water bottles, etc

•Sharing bats is discouraged but permitted provided they are sanitized between use. (see next slide)

•When a teammate collects another teammates bat, only do so using the barrel of the bat

•Each defensive team has their own game balls

•If an opposing player goes to collect a foul ball, they must sanitize their hands BEFORE collecting the ball.

•Umpires are never to handle game balls.

•Wearing masks is highly encouraged for everyone

•No spitting, chewing gum or sunflower seeds or anything like it (chewing tobacco etc).