Prejudicial Language / Conduct

Mutual Respect

This season I have heard normal chirping between players took on a much darker racist tone. Therefore, I have issued instructions to the umpire-in-chief that the BQ rule against such defamatory language is to be strictly enforced. Post game sanctions will be levied if necessary.

I have reproduced the rule here for your information. Homophobic and/or racial slurs are penalized under 55.2:

Any person ejected as a consequence of having tossed the helmet, bat, soil or all other objects, used abusive language (harassment, racial slur, threat), or spit on any person will receive an automatic suspension.

Distinguishing between 55.1 and 55.2
Since 2014, Baseball Qu├ębec penalizes any abusive action on the field more severely. Thus, insults related to homosexuality, sexuality and racism will be treated in a harsh manner. Umpires should be vigilant and take note of the insults.